Blended mobility

The blended mobility of learners (BM) (C1) took place between 26th November and 4th of December 2022 in Barcelos, Portugal, and was hosted by our Portuguese partner Mobility Friends.

The mobility gathered 30 participants from Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and Portugal. It responded to the main objective to pilot the e-learning modules (PR3) and so provide a proper assessment and feedback of them, in view of their official release and use in the VET field and for training failed and ex- entrepreneurs. The BM was addressed to failed and/or ex-entrepreneurs, wishing to restart their business, coming from the territory where partners operate. The participation of disadvantaged, failed and ex-entrepreneurs was incentivized and supported.

During the mobility, different workshops on second chance entrepreneurship and opportunities for youth were held. Participants could also learn about the experience of entrepreneurs from Ukraine (currently refugees in Portugal) who were invited to give a speech and talk about their businesses, and how they are trying to open a new business in Portugal after lost everything due to war.

Moreover, during their stay in Portugal, the participants had the chance to make some cultural visits and learn more about the traditions of the host country. Through different non-formal activities and tips they got motivated to restart their businesses and implement new solutions to the old problems.