Twelve multiplier events

The G2C partnership will organize twelve local conferences (E1 to E12) of 1-day each in all partner countries. Each local conference has the aim to reach the higher number of stakeholders, foster the use of project PRs and raise the impact of the project.

The first six conferences (E1 to E6) will take place in March, 2023 for presenting the PR1, PR2 and PR3; while the last six conference (E7 to E12) will take place in November, 2023 (project closure) for presenting PR4 and PR5. The purpose of the event will be to promote the project and engage national key stakeholders and target groups, namely those representatives to discuss it and provide feedback and input about the G2C PRs future use, adoption and follow-up. Attendees will understand that the main aim of G2C, is not only dedicated to entrepreneurs that already had bankrupt or closed their business for some other reasons, but also to those who are not aware at the moment that they might have a problem already.

The conference will see the participation of representatives of VET providers/institutions, business associations/chamber of commerce, vocational schools, NGOs and policy makers, in order to exchange ideas and experiences on the G2C topic and PRs produced and promote the use of the PRs in their entities.