Dissemination event in Austria

On 6 July 2022, a one-day Dissemination and Networking Event took place in Vienna, Austria, within the project Give Them a 2 Chance (G2C).

Hosted by ÖJAB, the event gathered 32 people from five EU countries (Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Germany and Bulgaria). Youth workers, students and representatives of the following organisations and institutions participated in the event:

  • Uni Wien, AUSTRIA
  • Uni Bremen, GERMANY
  • YES Forum, GERMANY
  • Framework, GERMANY
  • Zefiro, ITALY
  • Jongerenwek Barkema en De Haan, NETHERLANDS
  • Solidarity Work, BULGARIA

The event was hosted and led by ÖJAB, partner organisation from Austria, and it was a great opportunity to present the project, its main objectives, as well as the already developed results to a broader audience.

Besides getting an insight into project’s efforts in supporting failed and/or ex entrepreneurs, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the developed Online Self-Assessment Tool. They were given an insight into the benefits of the Tool in identifying strengths and weaknesses in the context of entrepreneurship and, more specifically, entrepreneurial skills.

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