Dissemination event in Portugal

An event to disseminate the Give Them a Second Chance project took place at the Mobility Friends Campus, which brought together a group of young entrepreneurs with the aim of improving their skills and forging the path to future success in entrepreneurship. In this dissemination event, the importance of acquiring relevant skills to thrive in the constantly evolving challenges of the business world was highlighted, where collaborations, exchange of ideas and inspiration took place. A detailed presentation of the courses and modules available was made on the project’s official website. Available in English, Portuguese, Polish, Austrian, Spanish and Italian, the site offers a variety of options for participants to customize their learning journey according to their specific needs. Courses cover a diverse range of topics, from technical skills to essential interpersonal skills. Participants were guided on how each module contributes to building a comprehensive skillset, preparing them for the challenges of the global job market. During the event, young entrepreneurs were able to interact directly with mentors, gaining valuable insights into market demands and successful strategies. This direct interaction provided a practical and stimulating experience, reinforcing the importance of practical learning and the real application of acquired skills.

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