Dissemination event in Portugal

On July 6, 2022,  KA2 “Give Them a Second Chance” project was presented by Mobility Friends representatives, in Barcelos, Portugal,  to a small group of failed entrepreneurs who went bankrupt with their company and/or are in the process of restructuring and ex-entrepreneurs who did not fail but closed their activity due to no success.

In particular, the participants learned about the existence of the project website, what can be found on it, and also the countries involved in this project. They got to know more about the Online self- assessment tool (PR2) that aims to help failed and ex-entrepreneurs identify their strengths and weaknesses, with potential of improvement for the purpose of continuous learning. Through the self-assessment quiz and spider diagram, failed and ex-entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to understand and self-reflect on the reasons behind their downfall, learning from their past experiences, and educate themselves towards a more successful future.

Also, during the dissemination event, Mobility Friends shared the project’s social networks and invited people to visit the official website.

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