Final conference in Austria

Event Overview: The Erasmus Days is an annual event celebrating the importance of international education and cross-border cooperation. This year, we had the honour of participating in this event to showcase our ongoing projects and their outcomes.

Event Details:
• Date and Venue: Erasmus Days/G2C Multiplier Event took place on 12 October 2023 and was
hosted in Vienna, Austria.
• Participating Organisations: The event was organised in collaboration with ÖJAB, die Berater,
VHS Wien, and from Austria.

During the event, the project G2C – Give them A Second Chance and its main results were presented reaching more than 80 persons. Many of them displayed significant interest in the opportunities that G2C offers to failed and ex entrepreneurs, but also students, teachers, and educational institutions active in the field of entrepreneurship. We were thrilled to answer their questions and encourage them to explore the benefits of the results developed within the project.

Given the fact it was an event with four organisations, who also organised multiplier events, the participant list was split among the organisations, ensuring no double funding would occur. In the attached list of participants, 12 persons are reported for ÖJAB (nr. 76-87).

The Erasmus Days was not just an opportunity to showcase the progress on our project but also to underscore the importance of international education and cooperation. This event compellingly demonstrated how Erasmus+ programmes help create connections between people and institutions worldwide, fostering cultural exchange, innovation, and personal growth.
The participation in the Erasmus Days was an inspiring experience that reminded us of the importance of connecting the world through education and collaboration. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming projects and the opportunity to continue contributing to the promotion of international education.

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