Final conference in Italy

The final conference of AlterEdu’s “Give Them a 2 Chance” project, hosted in Terranova da Sibari, Italy, on November 4, 2023, was a significant event attended by local entrepreneurs, VET educators, and other key stakeholders. The conference stood out for its round-table discussion, which provided a platform for dynamic and interactive dialogue among participants. This discussion was a highlight, facilitating a deep exchange of experiences, strategies, and collaborative ideas aimed at supporting and revitalizing local businesses. Additionally, the event introduced two pivotal guides: one focused on mentoring strategies for business people seeking a second chance, and the other aimed at maintaining the health and vitality of entrepreneurs. These guides were well-received as valuable tools for the attendees, promising to enhance local business practices and support the community’s economic growth. The conference thus marked a milestone in fostering resilience and innovation among entrepreneurs, especially those embarking on new ventures or facing challenges in their business journey.

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