Final conference in Portugal

On 22nd November, a Multiplier Event was held with 40 participants at the Mobility Friends Campus to promote the “Give Them a Second Chance” Project, which has come to an end. The final conference marked the end of phase 3 of the project and its closure, presenting the results and impacts achieved in PR4 and PR5 to local stakeholders. The conference was attended by representatives of suppliers/professional education institutions, professional schools, NGOs aiming to exchange ideas and experiences on the G2C topic and the PRs produced, as well as promoting the use of these PRs in their entities.

On this occasion, entrepreneurs who were experiencing their second attempt were invited as speakers to share their stories, especially their opinions on what policymakers should do to help struggling entrepreneurs. PR5 targeted policymakers at local, regional, national and European levels. Focused on informing decision makers about second chance entrepreneurs as a possible target group for policies to support SMEs, proposing possible mechanisms that could be used to prevent bankruptcies, assist in smoothing bankruptcy procedures and facilitate the return of failed entrepreneurs to the market.

The purpose of the event was to promote the project and engage key national stakeholders and target groups, especially those representatives who discussed and provided feedback and input on the future use, adoption and monitoring of the G2C PRs. Participants understood that the main objective of G2C was not only aimed at entrepreneurs who had already faced bankruptcy or closed their businesses for other reasons, but also those who, at the time, were not aware that they could face problems in their ventures.

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