Final conference in Spain

On November 10, 2023, in Spain, Asociacion PROJUVEN held the final conference of the project “Give Them a 2 Chance.” Many people came, like local business owners, VET educators and other interested stakeholders. At the conference, two important guides were shared:

  1. A Manual for Business Mentors (PR4): This guide helps mentors support business people who are trying again. It shows them how to help these business people do well.
  2. A Guide for Keeping Business People Healthy (PR5): This one is for people who make rules and laws. It talks about how to help business people who have had ups and downs. It tells us why it’s important to help these people for everyone’s good.

There was also a workshop where people talked and worked together. They shared stories and ideas about business. This workshop was a great place for people to meet and think of new ways to work together.

This conference gave business owners and local educators and VET professionals new tools to use in their work. These tools can help make businesses in the area stronger and better.

The conference was a big success. It brought new hope and ideas for people in business, especially those starting again. It showed that with the right help and ideas, these business people can do great things.


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