First conference in Portugal

March 6 – At Mobility Friends’ facilities

The event saw an enthusiastic participation of 20 individuals, a mix of former entrepreneurs, those who experienced business failure, and professionals in the vocational education field.

The primary agenda of the conference was to introduce attendees to the G2C project, including its objectives, planned outcomes, and the significance of these initiatives in fostering an environment of second-chance entrepreneurship. This event presented a forum to share ideas, experiences, and aspirations, setting the stage for a journey of discovery and resilience.

A highlight of the conference was the hands-on experience with the Business Diagnostic Tool’s self-assessment questionnaire. Participants were able to explore this tool to identify their strengths and weaknesses, highlighting areas of potential improvement for the purpose of continuous learning. This interactive exercise was a practical demonstration of the resources G2C project aims to provide for supporting entrepreneurship.

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