First conference in Spain

On March 14, PROJUVEN successfully hosted the first local conference of the “Give them a second chance (G2C)” project in Torremolinos. This milestone event was attended by a host of local stakeholders, including vocational education and training (VET) providers, trainers, mentors, and local entrepreneurs, all united by a shared commitment to promoting resilience and second-chance entrepreneurship.

During the conference, PROJUVEN president had the privilege of unveiling three significant project results – the Online Self-assessment Tool, the Online Platform, and the e-learning modules. Each of these pioneering digital tools is designed to aid the development of entrepreneurial competencies, facilitate learning from past experiences, and support the creation of successful businesses.

The Online Self-assessment Tool (PR2)

This innovative, interactive tool helps failed and ex-entrepreneurs identify their strengths and weaknesses and illuminates potential areas for improvement. It fosters a culture of continuous learning and self-reflection, enabling entrepreneurs to understand and learn from their past failures.

The Online Platform (PR1)

Our newly launched online platform, designed using open-source software, creates a hub for project target groups and houses the Online Self-assessment Tool and e-learning modules. This inclusive digital space fosters connection, collaboration, and shared learning among its users.

E-Learning Modules (PR3)

The e-learning modules, accessible via our Online Platform, are a rich resource designed to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to weather crises and relaunch their business activities should they have faced failure in the past. Users will need to take the Online Self-assessment before beginning the e-learning course.


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