First Intermediate Meeting

Project Coordinator: Copernicus Berlin (Germany)
Project partners: AlterEdu (Italy), Mobility Friends (Portugal), Warsaw Chamber of Commerce (Poland), PROJUVEN (SPAIN), ÖJAB (Austria)

Date: 07/06/2022

The main points of the meeting were:

i.  Check that the project proceeds according to plan, monitoring the progress of work and taking corrective measures where appropriate;

ii. Discussion, assessment and evaluation of the PR1 and PR2 realized;

iii. The development of the e-learning modules (PR3);

iv. The organization of the blended mobility for learners for piloting the IO3 was defined;

v. Creation and lunch of the Online awareness raising campaign (A7);

vi. The organization of the First conferences (E1 to E6) was discussed;

vii. Evaluation of dissemination activities.

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