G2C foresees the realization of five Project PRs:

  • Online Platform (PR1). An online platform has been set up, using open source software, in order to create an online space as connection for project target groups and for containing the Online self-assessment tool (PR2) and e-learning modules (PR3).
  • The Online self-assessment tool (PR2) helps failed and ex-entrepreneurs identify their strengths and weaknesses, with potential of improvement for the purpose of continuous learning. Through the self-assessment quiz and spider diagram, failed and ex-entrepreneurs have the opportunity to understand and self-reflect on the reasons behind their downfall, learning from their past experiences, and educate themselves towards a more successful future.
  • E-learning modules(PR3). The PR3 is an online course which helps entrepreneurs to acquire relevant knowledge to prevent from crisis and to re-start their business activity in case they failed in the past. The PR3 is accessible through the online platform (PR1) and users (entrepreneurs) before starting the e-learning have to take the Online self-assessment tool (PR2).
  • The Manual to be a mentor for second chance entrepreneurship (PR4) is a comprehensive tool targeted at professionals working on VET centers, chamber of commerce, vocational schools and NGOs willing to become mentors for failed and ex-entrepre neurs and effectively help them to return successfully to economic activity.
  • The Guide – How to keep entrepreneurs healthy and alive (PR5) targets policymakers at local, regional, national and European level. The PR5 focuses on informing policymakers about failed and ex-entrepreneurs as a possible target group for SMEs support policies, proposing possible mechanisms, which can be used to prevent entrepreneurs from failing, help to smooth bankruptcy procedures, and facilitating the return to business.