Staff training event

From 19th to 27th August 2023, a training event took place in Italy, hosted by AlterEdu. It was part of the “Give them a 2 Chance” project, focusing on helping failed or ex-entrepreneurs start again. This event was a big step for the project.

The training was for staff from partner organizations. A total of 24 people attended, with each partner organization sending four participants. These participants were experienced in Erasmus+ programs and entrepreneurial learning.

Main goal of the training

The main goal was to test the “Manual to be a Mentor for Second Chance Entrepreneurship” before it’s released for wider use. This manual is important for vocational training (VET) professionals, business groups, and NGOs who help entrepreneurs.

Activities and Outcomes

During the event, the participants reviewed the manual’s training materials and methods. They gave feedback on how to improve it. This feedback is important because it will help make the manual better for those who will use it in the future.

Impact of the training event

This event was important because it helped prepare the manual for real-world use. The participants, with their experience, will use what they learned to help entrepreneurs in their own organizations.